Chris A Leithead is a Toronto based artist currently completing his BFA at OCAD U.

Working predominantly in sculpture, assemblage, and digital media, he is working through a theoretical framework intersecting Foucauldian Subjectivity and New Materialism. Presently, his practice is focused on exploring self-surveillance as a condition of post-9/11 and post-recession North American mass subjectivity. Specifically, he is currently exploring appropriating the materials of the Quantified self movement- protein isolates and fitness tracker data- in 3D printing and moldmaking as a means of exploring new relationalities to the quantified self.

Leithead is a former member of The White House Studio collective in Kensington Market, Toronto. Notable exhibitions and competition include The Biodesign Challenge (2017) and a finalist of the 2019 First Capital Realty Public Sculpture Competition.

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